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Sign-up now for the Cathedral Sleepout!!

Everyone needs to have a place to call home - a nice comfy bed, hot food to eat, somewhere you can watch television, play games or read a book. Unfortunately, not everyone in our city has this.

Liverpool Cathedral and The Whitechapel Centre are working hard with those people who need a place to call home and help them reach their full potential. We need your help, by spending ONE night away sleeping in Liverpool Cathedral and raise money, enabling us to help as many people as possible.

All you need to do to take part is bring a responsible adult and ask your family and friends to sponsor you to raise a target of £50.

The Liverpool Cathedral Sleepout is on Friday 5th April 2024 at Liverpool Cathedral. It costs £5* per person.

What’s it all about?

The Whitechapel Centre, Liverpool's leading homeless charity, and Liverpool Cathedral play an important role in the life of the city helping those living without a home or living in poverty. We want as many children and young people to get involved in an exciting and challenging fundraising event to raise money to help those in need in our city.

What do I have to do to 'Sleepout'?

Taking part in the Sleepout is a lot of fun! There are games, stories, as well as building cardboard shelters. All you need to do it make sure you’ve packed everything you need to have a great evening and a good nights sleep!

Click on 'Find out more' for all the information you need on what you'll be doing and what you need to bring.

As the supervising adult, there are things you'll want to know..


Bringing your children to the Sleepout couldn’t be easier!

Click on 'Parent Info'  to find out all the information you need for a stress free experience!

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